Safeguard your
Web3 exploration

AegisWeb3’s top-notch security solutions shield you against scams,
phishing, and hacking threats.

Realtime Anti-phishing

Our advanced machine learning algorithms vigilantly scan for suspicious activity 24/7, keeping you secure from sophisticated phishing scams, providing unmatched security for your crypto assets.


Already Identified


Sites Scanned Per Day

Transaction Simulation

Simulates the transaction, and displays the coming results for your review and confirmation. Bring the clarity and certainty for complex signatures.


Protected users


Process Speed

Approval Revoke

Easily inspect and revoke your risky Approval. Prevent potential threats to your funds by terminating risky permissions.


Malicious Addresses Labeled

Support Chains

Smart Contract Examination

Gain valuable insights into contract security, liquidity, and transaction flow with just one click.


Contracts Scanned


Scam Tokens Identified

Data platform

Your ultimate source for Web3 security insights.

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Comprehensive coverage

Stay informed with our extensive database spanning a wide range of Web3 risks.

Speedy updates

Remain Up-To-Date with the latest security developments in the rapidly evolving Web3 Landscape.

Accurate insights

Make informed decisions backed by our precise and reliable data, keeping you ahead of potential threats and uncovering hidden Alpha.

About us

Introducing AegisWeb3: A cutting-edge security solution for the Web3 ecosystem, developed by the globally renowned PeckShield team. Our mission is to safeguard your digital assets, allowing you to fully unlock the potential of decentralized finance and digital asset management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Drop us a text.

How Does AegisWeb3 Work?

Once you install AegisWeb3 on Chrome, It will constantly protect you from various threats. If you feel disturbed by some features, you can suspend them in the settings menu anytime.

How To Stop?

To stop using AegisWeb3, right-click on the extension icon, select “Manage Extensions,” and then switch the toggle in the upper right corner to disable it. You can enable it later in the same way when you need it.

What are the main functions of AegisWeb3?

AegisWeb3 provides comprehensive asset security protection. Including: 1.Automatic protection against phishing sites, risky approvals, fishy swap and more. 2. Address and contract/token safty checks. 3. Suggestions for proper adjustment of approvals.

Which cryptocurrencies does AegisWeb3 support?

AegisWeb3 currently supports all tokens based on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Fantom

What permissions does AegisWeb3 require?

AegisWeb3 does not access any privacy-related data. It analyzes publicly available data on the blockchain and the internet.

What are the common scams?

Common scams include honeypot transactions, impersonating scams, phishing sites that steals approvals and rug pulls, etc.

What can I do if I come across a new scam site?

Please report it on our Risk Report page within the extension.

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